The Pharmacy Network gives your health care professionals access to your medication profile. When you fill a prescription at a provincial pharmacy, the Pharmacy Network stores information about the medications you are taking. This makes it easier for pharmacists and other health care professionals to make better decisions about your care and helps prevent harmful drug interactions.
  • Benefits

    The Pharmacy Network gives your health professionals access to information about the medications you take to help avoid harmful drug interactions and support better decisions about medications, diagnoses and treatments. It also allows other points of care such as clinics, hospitals and your doctor's office to view your medication profile providing key information about your health to the people who need it - your health professionals - when and where they need it. This makes planning your treatment easier, quicker, and safer. 

For Pharmacists and Staff

To connect to the Pharmacy Network

New pharmacies can arrange their connection to the Pharmacy Network by contacting the Centre at 1-877-752-6006, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out more about education and connection requirements.

Pharmacy Network Education Program

There are three components of the Pharmacy Network Education Program. Users will also want to review the Centre’s eHealth Systems Terms and Conditions of Use.

  1. Pharmacy Network Training
    Pharmacy Network Education Site
    Print and sign the certificate at the end of the training. If you have trouble printing the completion certificate, note that you have completed the Pharmacy Network education on your Password Agreement (step 3) when you fax it to the Centre.

  2. Online PHIA Training
    PHIA Training
         a.) Sign up and create an account to start the PHIA training course (click ‘Next’ when prompted for an Employee/Student ID number)
         b.) Email – Use a valid email address.  Note that you will need to retrieve a confirmation code from this email address to complete account setup.
         c.) Group – from the dropdown menu set the group to “Pharmacy Network Onboarding.”

    Once you have completed account setup, go into “Course Access” and enroll into Custodian – Direct Contact with Personal Health Information. This is the only course that needs to be completed.

  3. Pharmacy Network Password Agreement

Please note, your password agreement may take 1-2 business days to process. Each pharmacy staff member will need to sign a Password Agreement. Once your request is processed, the Centre will call you at your place of work with your information.


Pharmacy Network Newsletters