Record-level information is taken directly from the health records of individuals and unlike aggregate information, is not averaged or grouped. Record-level information poses a greater risk to an individual's privacy and demands greater due diligence before it is disclosed.

Before any record-level information is released, the Centre conducts a full review of the request to ensure that best efforts are made to resolve or mitigate any risk to the privacy of individuals.

Information will not be released for research purposes until approval is received from a research ethics board under the Health Research Ethics Authority Act. To ensure your application for record-level information is processed in a timely fashion, please adhere to the Centre's timelines based on the meeting schedule for the Centre's Secondary Use Committee.

The time it takes to fill requests depends on the information requested and the requestor's adherence to Centre requirements. Please note that a cost recovery fee may be charged.

To request record-level information, please fill out one of the the following applications.